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DPBA ~ Announcing: Dana Point Harbor “My Home Port” Campaign  (UPDATE)!
DPBA eNewsletter ~ DPBA Position on the Harbor Revitalization Vote Tomorrow (NEW)!
BREAKING NEWS: County Board of Supervisors Releases Dana Point Harbor P3 Dana Point Partners Staff Report - July 17th, 2018!
Approve Option Agreement with Dana Point Harbor Partners LLC and Drystack Option Agreement with Dana Point Harbor Partners Drystack LLC to conduct due diligence regarding master lease and development of Dana Point Harbor; approve Ground Lease Agreement with Dana Point Harbor Partners LLC and Drystack Lease Agreement with Dana Point Harbor Partners Drystack LLC, 66-year term to administer and manage Dana Point Harbor and initiate entitlement approvals for certain portions; authorize Chief Real Estate Officer or designee to execute the leases, agreements, related documents and amendments under certain conditions; and consider application of Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) No. 591 and other findings - District 5
Items include the Staff Report and Attachments for Agenda Item #27:
1. Agenda Item #27
2. Attachment A - Premise Map Attachments
3. Attachment B – Option Agreement for DPH Master Lease Attachments
4. Attachment C – DPH Master Lease Attachments
5. Attachment D – Drystack Area Option
6. Attachment E – Drystack Area Lease
7. Attachment F – Board Resolution No. 06-014
8. Attachment G - Senate Bill 367
9. Attachment H - Public Resources Code Section 21801
DPBA eNewsletter ~ Dana Point Harbor P3 Master Lease Agreement On OC Board Of Sups' Approval Docket (NEW)!

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Dana Point Boater Association:

While the Association focuses on many issues presented to recreational boaters in Dana Point Harbor, one of the more significant efforts will be what the County of Orange refers to as the "Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Plan". The Association’s membership are boaters & non-boaters who are interested in and committed to helping promote, develop, and implement the best Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Plan. This is accomplished by working with ALL Stakeholders i.e. Boaters, OC Dana Point Harbor, County of Orange, Harbor Merchant's, City of Dana Point, Department of Boating and Waterways, South Coast Water District, California Coastal Commission and other County and Government Agencies. It is our mission (DPBA) to involve all boaters and make sure our needs, wants, and ideas are heard and acted on. Together we can have a positive impact going forward for the next 50 years.

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This single full page float plan has all the information needed including a second page which has a boating emergency guide.

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